GIUF Economic and Social Agenda (GESA)

As an NGO, we must translate our objectives into meaningful outcomes. We have three core objectives. They are:-

  • To promotes Islamic Unity and World Peace
  • To promote trade and investment among Islamic countries
  • To alleviate poverty among Islamic Ummah

In transforming these objectives into activities that will be able to produce the desired outcomes, GIUF has developed GESA – GIUF Economic and Social Agenda.

GIUF believes – the strategic foundation in connecting the global Islamic community is commerce and trade through a unifying ecosystem with a common trading currency.

The core thrusts of GESA are: –

  • GESA Economy – creating wealth and economic empowerment
  • GESA Unity – engaging and connecting
  • GESA Living – wealth sharing

Under the above three core thrusts, projects and initiatives are launched at Sub-Regional, Regional, and Global Levels through a smart collaboration with industry, government and NGOs at a global scale.

On this note, GIUF welcomes partners to join us in bringing the ummah closer through trade, commerce and investment across the participating member countries of GIUF

Please contact us for further discussions in exploring opportunities for the benefits of the ummah.

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