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Lighting the Community

Today, we are fortunate to see solar as a viable source of energy compared to the traditional fossil fuel. Energy is central to the development of the ummah. Energy poverty and lack of electricity in communities exacerbate the poverty of many countries. Renewable energy is definitely a pragmatic alternative to reduce the energy poverty of many nations where the grid extension through a difficult terrain, mountains and thick jungle is not possible or economic.

Besides that, solar energy is relatively better for health reasons. It is said that more than 4 million people dies in Tanzania due to indoor air pollution from burning non-renewable energy sources like wood and coal. Solar power also introduces new potential economic opportunities through selling inexpensive solar-powered items emerging from increased demand.

Community solar programme is able to help in providing equal access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. Regardless of the physical attributes or ownership status of an individual’s home or business, through community solar programme, the community can work together to generate shared solar power for all.

The benefits of adopting solar power is tremendous for communities. GIUF is definitely positive towards solar power for the ummah. We must create an ecosystem that empowers our communities to manage their energy needs more effectively and affordably.

We need to start to train our youth to be competent in exploiting the use and in advancement of solar power. Solar power has massive socioeconomic potential for the ummah and we should find ways to expedite its relevant use.

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