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GIUF Health and Wellness

Project details: The Health of the Ummah is paramount. We are now confronted with a deadly virus – Covid 19. Many countries are seeing large number of its population infected by this virus.  GIUF is committed in collaborating with parties that can provide various solutions to overcome this infection. We are now exploring various options […]
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Project details: The last mile is the most essential segment of the global logistics value chain. The Covid 19 Pandemic has, without doubt accelerated the role of last mile logistics in the everyday life of the ummah. GIUF is working with an emerging last mile logistics services provider. Their current business model provides employment to […]
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Muslim Friendly Consumption

Project details: The ummah is inundated with products from all corners of the earth. It is challenging to ascertain the ummah friendliness of these products and services. Are they suitable for consumption by the ummah? GIUF sees this as essential part in maintaining information equity for the ummah in enabling them to be rightfully empowered. […]
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Secured Ummah

Project details: Digital Currency, Online Payment, E-Wallet, E-Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Cloud Server, Blockchain are all buzz words that shape our everyday life. The ummah is subjected to a new order that influences whatever they do. It is a data and information driven society. Information is power and it is the new commodity in the digital era. […]
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Digital Divide

Project details: Work From Home – Today many of us are required to work, to study from home. While many may be equipped to survive in this digital world, there are many among us that are not fortunate to be endowed with such luxuries.  Students in rural areas and even the urban poor are not […]
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