Protecting Communities, Embracing a New Future

The Covid 19 pandemic devastated lives and communities. It has transformed the economic landscape – jobs destroyed and new jobs emerged, companies closed and new businesses mushroomed.

In early February 2021, around 30% of the 50 countries having the highest Covid 19 infections are Muslim majority nations. Yet, nearly all of the supplies of PPEs, testkits, and vaccines are not from Muslim majority countries, except for maybe a few such as Turkey, Iran, Malaysia and UAE.

The 15 Muslim majority countries severely affected by the pandemic is having a population of around 500 million. GIUF sees this as a serious situation for the health safety of the ummah. We must create strategic access to essential supplies of PPEs, testkits, medicines and vaccines to ensure the ummah remains protected and thus enabling the ummah to return to it normancy soonest possible.

GIUF would like to have partners that are willing to provide products and services that could be supplied to Muslim communities in all parts of the world. To enable the ummah to be protected from this pandemic and embrace a new future

We are looking forward to the end of Covid 19.

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