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About Us

Connecting Communities Globally

I am fully committed to champion the development of globally connected and empowered Muslim communities. 

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yassin Founder and Chairman

A Global NGO

We are GIUF

GIUF is committed in empowering communities through trade and commerce for the creation of a sustainable future for all

GIUF Economy

GIUF Economy

GIUF Unity

GIUF Unity

GIUF Living

GIUF Living
Sharing Global Aspirations

3 GES - 17 UN SDG

We are committed in supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals through our Three Core Themes – GIUF Economy, GIUF Unity and GIUF Living

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Business Planning
Business Marketing
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Our Approach

How Do We Do It?

We have our own approach in addressing issues and challenges facing the Ummah that must addressed by the community players

Strategic Needs

We don't just look at needs; we look at Strategic Needs - the bigger picture including the total eco-system to sustain the fulfilment of the needs of the ummah

Ecosystem and Players

We study the eco-system and look at the players within the targeted ecosystem


It is essential for the initiative to be activated with the support of partners and stakeholder with clearly navigation plan

Strategic Friendly Partners

A very essential requirement is in identifying strategic, relevant and capable players that are willing to partner with GIUF in delivering the needs of ummah

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and reporting on the projects by the implementing team is a very important requirement that must be carried out with total dedication and commitment

Outcome and Impact

It is crucial the Initiatives undertaken by GIUF generate a meaningful impact on the Ummah

Be Our Strategic Delivery Partner

United in Realising an Equitable World

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    Our Thematic Projects

    In supporting GIUF Economy, GIUF Unity and GIUF Living, We have projects in collaboration with global partners

    What Our Partners Say

    One Ummah – Many People | One Ummah – Many Capabilities | One Ummah – Many Perspectives

    Latest updates

    Our Recent News

    Follow our latest news and thoughts.

    Resetting intra-Nusantara relations

    The Prime Minister had also reset the relationship as one between Indonesia as "Abang" (elder brother) and Malaysia as "Adik" (younger brother).

    2023 : A Journey Begins

    Together with the Board and members of GIUF, we wish to welcome everyone visiting our website and ushering the New Year of 2023.

    Biannual General Meeting

    GIUF HELD ITS FIRST BIANNUAL General Meeting on 20 July 2022

    GIUF Relieves Kampung Kuantan Flood Victims

    On 19 February 2022 Haji Abdul Rahman Othman, Secretary General of Global Islamic Unity Forum (GIUF) gave away cooking stoves and gas cylinders to recent…

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