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About GIUF

About us

Global Islamic Unity Forum

It is a moderating and facilitating platform – connecting the various existing and even new trade hubs in many Muslim (and even non Muslim) nations

It is not intended to reinvent neither replace existing programmes or initiatives carried up by diverse groups globally

In December 2019, the KL Summit calls upon the Muslim community with a population of 1.8 Billion people to work in synergy to overcome weaknesses and imbalanced of resources to generate positive and impactful outcomes to the community as a whole

On this note, GIUF sees the need to have a platform to connect and build strong bridges to work in sync with various trade and commerce hubs in all parts of the world for the greater benefits of the Muslim Community worldwide.

Expanding and deepening the intended objectives of GIUF, it is about the advancement of Intra Muslim trade in a post Covid 19 Pandemic era. Besides intra-trade it is also to leverage upon trade and investment with friends of Muslims/Muslim countries particularly Abrahamic faiths

GIUF is committed and supports ethical, equitable, environmental, sustainable and socially responsibile rooted trade and investment and which supports implementation of the 17 sustainable development goals (Including gender equity, skills development and youth opportunities)

As a foresighted entity, it is also about ensuring and enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs and traders to be given the resources to trade, invest, innovate and grow within a trusted ecosystem at a global scale

GIUF sees creating a platform of global trade in key areas such as Healthcare, Education, Artificial Intelligence/Robotics, Clean Finance, Manufacturing, Renewables, Clean Energy, Halal and Ethical Economy, Organic Food and Agriculture

In moving forward in an expedient manner,. GIUF has started to collaborate with existing players and hubs worldwide to build a sustainable and resilient trade and commerce eco-system for continuing benefits of the Muslim community in all corners of planet earth

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