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Maal Hijrah: A New Year of Intentions

‏اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ

On the eve of the first of Muharram 1445, many of us will be reflecting on what we have done throughout the past year or years. Appropriately we will make some resolutions accompanying our noble intentions. Such intentions should be made in our remembrance of Allah. In Sirr al-Asrar (The Secret of Secrets) by Sheikh Abd al-Qadir al-Jailani wrote a beautiful advice.
The Prophet ﷺ says, “Actions are conditioned by and tied to intentions. The wish and intentions of the faithful are better and worthy in the sight of Allah than are his actions. The intention of the unfaithful is worse than what appears in his actions. For Allah, the good intention of the believer is more worthy than the best deed of the unfaithful.”
Intention is the foundation of action. Our Master, The Prophet ﷺ says, ‘It is good to build a good deed upon a good foundation, and a sin is a deed built upon bad intentions.”
Quoting from the Quran, the Sheikh also reminded us:
Whoever desires the harvest (حرث) of the Hereafter, We increase for him in his harvest, and whoever desires the harvest of this world, We give him thereof, but there is not for him in the Hereafter any share.”
(Surah al-Shura:20)
In the secular order of the globalized world, there is a great temptation to follow the trends and agenda of the times, especially when we wish to be aligned with current economic or political directions. It is easy to be deceived by the eloquent declarations of the unfaithful and the achievement of their world order.
Open the Quran and reflect on the Life of Rasulullah ﷺ when making our resolutions for 1445 Hijriyyah. Do so with wisdom and truth. Greetings of Maal Hijrah from Global Islamic Unity Forum (GIUF).

Dato’ Paduka Rahim Kamil Sulaiman
Global Islamic Unity Forum (GIUF)

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