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Connecting and Empowering Communities

There are more similarities among global communities rather than differences. These similarities are the beacon of hope for a unified and peaceful world – family values, a loving community, and a caring and learned society. These are elements that build nations and eradicate poverty. It enables the creation of an equitable and fair society that harnesses the inner good of every living individual on this earth. The Global Islamic Unity Forum (GUIF) is committed in building strong and permanent bridges to promote human development in a fair level playing field for all.

As Chairman of GIUF, I am fully committed to champion the development of globally connected and empowered Muslim communities. A community that is networked, integrated and engaged in producing a better future for the Muslim ummah. How do we go about this?

The overarching programme for GIUF named the GIUF Economic and Social Agenda (GESA) is divided to three main flagships – GESA Living, primarily in addressing and poverty; GESA Unity is focussed on activities that enhance unity among the Muslim Ummah through various initiatives and last but not least, the key pillar for the sustainability of GESA and the various other activities – GESA Economy. It primarily identifies business and economic projects that will enable GIUF to become independent and sustainable, and in turn acquire the necessary funds to support GESA Living and GESA Unity.

The GESA Programme is the primary initiative that translates the three core objectives of GIUF – that is to promote Islamic Unity and World Peace; to promote trade and investment among Islamic Countries and to alleviate poverty among the Islamic Ummah. With the unwavering support of the Islamic communities and leaders worldwide, I believe GIUF is able to contribute in a small way towards this noble aspiration in the formation of a united and respected ummah. I am looking forward in having you and your organisation to be part of this journey.

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yassin
Founder and Chairman

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